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Bonus Scenes

While every moment cannot be included in the final film, every step along the path to making PROCESSION was important to the journey the participants took to work through their trauma.

Ed and Michael in Wyoming

In April 2019, just a month into filming PROCESSION, Ed Gavagan had the idea to go back to Cheyenne, WY where he’d been abused by a Bishop named Joseph Hart. It was a courageous act and it inspired the other guys to try to “take the power back” as Dan Laurine says in the film. 


This scene, featuring Ed and Michael Sandridge, takes place after the trip the cathedral, which you see in PROCESSION. It's Easter Sunday.

Missouri Attorney General Report

During filming, Missouri AG Eric Schmitt surprised everyone when he announced his report on clergy sex abuse. The report was deeply flawed and caused more heartache than healing. This scene captures how the legal system can create additional pain for survivors.

Burying the Abuser

Even when an abusive priest dies, there’s a tremendous amount for a survivor to unpack. This scene marks the recent death of one of Joe’s abusers.

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