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Ed Gavagan

What is the most important thing you want other survivors to know?


You are not to blame. The shame belongs elsewhere, not on you. You are not alone. Please believe; this experience does not define you.


Based on your experience, what is or are the greatest obstacles that survivors face in achieving justice from their abusers and their abusers' enablers?


Statute of Limitations. Gutless prosecutors. Abusers insulated by power, position, connections and a population that cannot believe someone who does good things is also capable of evil. Sometimes the good is only to enable the evil.

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Follow Along with Ed's Case Against His Abuser

Police Reopen Investigation of Former Bishop

Retired US Bishop Likely to Face Vatican Trial for Multiple Acts of Abuse

Cheyenne Police Recommend Criminal Charges Against Retired Wyoming Bishop

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Police's Sex Abuse Investigation into Retired Cheyenne Bishop Finishes

Catholic Diocese of Cheyenne Said the Case Regarding Bishop Hart Reached Its End

Strife Between Police, Prosecutors Sink Sex Abuse Investigation into Retired Cheyenne Bishop

Panel Report: Laramie County DA Not Competent, Should Be Disbarred

Vatican Punts on Bishop Joseph Hart Instead of Taking Action, SNAP Renews Call for Secular Action

Abuse Survivors Group Denounces Vatican Action on Former Wyoming Bishop

State Legal Panel Says Laramie County DA Should Pay $91,000 for Hearing Expenses


Ed's Storytelling

Ed has used storytelling as a means of processing the events of his life. He began telling true stories from his life in 2009 at an open mic night with The Moth in a Greenwich Village pub. His Moth stories have been featured in the Moth's NY Times best-selling books, their podcast with tens of millions of downloads as well as the Peabody Award-winning Moth Radio Hour which is heard weekly on over 470 radio stations worldwide. Ed was invited to deliver a TED talk in 2012 which has since been viewed over 1 million times. Ed loves to tell stories and is even happier when people listen. 

Letter from the Pope

In 2020, with the help of Archbishop Charles Scicluna, Ed was able to get a letter to Pope Francis in which he shared the story of his abuse. Below is Francis' response.

How to Reach Ed

You can connect with Ed on Instagram and Twitter and by email.

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